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TheKitchen: A Classy Layout for Your Email Newsletters

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July 5, 2018
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TheKitchen is a responsive email template to convey calm, organization, cleanliness and elegance. It delivers a substantial amount of information upfront and can optionally set an outbound link through the item's image. 




Informational, Elegant, Clean, Organized, Relaxing.


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Layout and Elements

Document header

  • Short identifier, highlighted (one or two words)
  • Main title of the series or list (~8 words or less)
  • A short abstract (~20 words paragraph)


  • 1 picture (hyper-linked)
  • The tag or category
  • The title
  • 1 or 2, short to medium size introductory paragraphs
  • No button or link


The "zebra" layout alternates image and text sections. The combination of white space and regular patterns makes this layout well suited for newsletters that present original photographs balanced with paragraphs of unique copy. Subjects such as: architecture, food, outdoors and animals are ideal targets.


  • For titles, we use EB Garamond, Google's version of the classic serif font.
  • For the copy, we use Raleway, a popular neo-grotesque yet classy typeface, also from the Google library.   


In order to keep the visual flow consistent, the images should be resized to a similar ratio. We used 1.5 (640x425.)


This template's design was heavily inspired by the following post:

House Method Email Templates, by Katie Birmingham Corbett, published on Dribble on June 28, 2018.

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