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dasShip: an Efficient Layout for Your Email Promotions

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August 2, 2018
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dasShip is a responsive email layout optimized for promoting business key points. It uses to convey calm, organization, cleanliness and precision. 

The layout is broken in blocks to convey clear bullet points. The design structure emphasizes the goal of persuading the customer to click through. 




Business, Elegant, Clean, White space, Engaging.


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Layout and Elements

Document header

  1. Descriptive and detailed unique selling proposition.
  2. Call to action immediately available.
  3. Simple, clear image of the product or service. 
  4. An engaging version of the proposition and expected results.
  5. Convincing bullets.
  6. A modified CTA. 


  • The first section title announces the features.
  • The sub-sections provide details about each features. 
  • Each sub-section has an accent illustration.
  • The second section's title announces the customer testimonials.
  • A picture of a customer, with a relevant quote, a name and a backlink. 


The layout couples images and text throughout to emphasize the importance of each message.


  • For titles, we use EB Garamond, Google's version of the classic serif font.
  • For the copy, we use Raleway, a popular neo-grotesque yet classy typeface, also from the Google library.   


In order to keep the visual flow consistent, the images should be resized to a similar ratio. We used 1.5 (640x425.)


This template's design was heavily inspired by the following post:

House Method Email Templates, by Katie Birmingham Corbett, published on Dribble on June 28, 2018.

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