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February 15, 2020
What the latest email spying scandal means for user privacy

On Monday, Vices Motherboard broke yet another story revealing the extent to which companies are monetizing their users. Reporter Joseph Coxs investigation revealed how Edison, an email productivity app, is scraping users personal inboxes for purchase receipts and shipment tracking updates. Using this data, the company can figure out what youre interested in buying and how much youre willing to pay extremely valuable information for e-commerce or travel sites, which purchase this personal da...

February 15, 2020
Your 5-Step Guide to Nonprofit Email Marketing

Next time you want to know how many people in a room volunteer for a nonprofit organization, just stand on the nearest chair and announce that you are a nonprofit marketing and fund development professional. Before you know it, you will be peppered with questions. How can we get the word out about our programs? How do we engage our community? How can we raise more money? Im always impressed by both the number of people who volunteer in their communities, and by the passion they bring to this work. Th...

February 15, 2020
The Dangers of Dark Mode and Email

The launch of dark mode on iPhone and Mac OS, as well as its availability on Android devices and on common services like Slack, have taken dark mode mainstream. The team at Dyspatch thought it was a good time to investigate how exactly dark mode is affecting email. The results of this investigation may surprise you Why should EVERY email marketer care? Every email sender knows how much time and money are spent on ensuring the emails we send are pixel perfect, s...

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