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The Four Rules (of Email Design)

That rule them all

April 3, 2020
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Rule number 1:

When designing an email, stay focused. Start by selecting the key message, the theme and the purpose you want your email to convey. Only one. If you try to do over one, then your email design will over-sell or confuse your readers, losing them along the way. One is enough: only once you’ve optimized your design and ensured that it has the highest ROI can you use two.

Rule number 2:

Keep your copy logical and aesthetic, especially if there is a lot of text involved. Each block of text should an image or some color scheme that your readers can identify. This will avoid them getting bored and in turn affecting your click-through rates. Treat your email design like you would a landing page layouts. Indeed, the same rules apply, because both are about making buyers out of viewers.

Rule number 3:

Invest time designing your email. Fill space with colors and pictures, use appropriate sizes and optimize for usability. Remember: people receive at least 10-20 marketing emails just like yours every day. Once these recipients have crossed your email subject line and into the message, you only have one change to make a good impression; it is well worth your time to make it worth theirs.

Rule number 4:

Finally: the secret to creating a successful email is to A / B test both the design and layout until you discover a combination that gets more results. Without testing your email, you don’t know what works or what doesn’t; you can only guess. And guessing is no good. Stop shooting blindly and allow A / B testing to validate your email design.

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