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April 10, 2019
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What's your signature look like. In real life? In your outbound emails? Are all your email clients configured with the same signature? Does it include your photo or some graphic to anchor the fact that you are a real person? An excellent review of the pitfalls of a good email signature can be found in a recent blog published on HiddenPixels. While short on details when it comes to executing most of the necessary steps to ensuring that your signature make a great impression, it does cover most of the steps you should keep an eye on.

  1. Make your signature mobile first
  2. Include all, and only the relevant details
  3. Take care of the font
  4. Use colors
  5. Insert high quality images
  6. Spacing matters more than you think
  7. Sizes can be misleading
  8. Test extensively for email client compatibility
  9. Don't:
    1. use only an image
    2. complicate things
    3. use animated GIFs
    4. use quotes

I'd would add a few points to the list above:

  1. Sign everything.
  2. Use signatures wisely. Heavily branded signature can get in the way of clear communications when the latter involve internal exchanges, limited content or conversely, long threads. In some instances, simply typing your name is enough.
  3. Show up but don't show off. There's usually no need to overdo a signature.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask others their honest, unfiltered impression of your signature.

I hope this helps!

The Mailman

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