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March 31, 2019
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So you need people — your subscribers, your followers, your clients and your contacts — to not only open that email but also to read it, am I right? How about trying something new? How much risk are you willing to take in doing so?

Take a quick look at this article by Campaign Monitor. It is about incorporating audio directly into an email. I’m willing to bet that incorporating sound in your email is news to you, or else it is an idea which you previously discarded it as foolish, unnecessary ear-candy. I strongly encourage you to think it over. Your assumptions may well be wrong. Here’s a few novel ideas — not covered in the said article —  about how and when to use audio in your email communications:

  • Use an audio clip to relay a short, personalized message to your prospect.
  • Embed an audio sample for a podcast or video that hammers in the essence of your message
  • Add an audiobook version of the message itself, then a few oral bonuses to top the offer

Do you have any additional ideas on how to use audio in your emails? Nothing is too outlandish, and everyone who has ever emailed anything is welcome to chime in. Draw up an experimental use case, draft an idea, and leave it in the comments below.

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