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The Six Senses

The Subtle Science of Grabbing Attention

April 28, 2019
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It's one thing to get noticed, it's another to capitalize on the attention you managed to grab. Capturing someone's attention is not always a good thing, since it all depends on the game you're involved in. If you're playing hide and seek, you want to avoid the seeker's attention entirely. Other games require a subtle balancing act and to avoid sticking out too much, while remaining in the light. And finally, games like football need you to grab the ball and run with it until you score. Heroes and winners come in various shades of grey.

According to this article, science -- and frankly, the whole of the human experience -- tells us that there are six main psychological tactics that will enable you to grab grabbing attention:

  • Saliency (boldness)
  • Motion
  • People (and other living things)
  • Spacial cues
  • Emotions
  • Novelty

It goes without saying that in email marketing, getting noticed is the name of the game. For each new email, you want to select one tactic build on it and juice it out. Play a subtle game, as bold click-bait will get you blacklisted. Use your copy to build a progression. Make sure that you follow up with your initial attention-grabbing tactic and that your content is perceived as valuable and relevant. The end-goal is for build-up to ensure that the reader stays interested and exits the email through the call-to-action.



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