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July 26, 2018
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Any web browser will do.


GoodEmailCopy is meant to be a source of inspiration and a starting point for writing context-specific email copy. It provides an interface to locate and browse copy that matches your email's intent based on existing copy used by major providers.


Requires a mouse or similar interface.




Access to the Web.

Built With

Express / Node.js on Nginx.



GoodEmailCopy.com is a simple and quite colorful web application. You can do one of two things: type a keyword, or tap one of the category buttons. The former will select all the items that match the keyword anywhere in the copy; the latter displays all the items that are tagged to the selected category. You cannot combine both filters.

User need to click on the box that display the email they want to copy from and manually select the copy (or part thereof) in order to paste it in their own environment. There are no keyboard or clip shortcuts.

Usage overview

Not every business has a template ready for every situation. New situations or conditions arise all the time. New contexts call for unexpected revisions and customization of the content. As anybody who's been involved in managing customer relationships for a living product will tell you, the number of variations makes it hard to keep up.

Here are a few of -- but not all -- the situations that require an appropriate email copy:

  • The usual welcome and thank you
  • Request for feedback
  • Lead nurturing
  • Maintenance notification
  • Apology
  • Account update
  • New feature announcement
  • Invitations and reminders
  • Registration confirmation
  • Upgrade warning
  • Account modification
  • Billing issues
  • Subscription renewal, modification and cancellation
  • End of trial
  • Pricing and service updates
  • Holidays
  • Service shutdown
  • Order confirmation and follow up

GoodEmailCopy.com provides a simple way to get a head start on copywriting. It uses existing -- and hopefully proven -- examples of emails sent by major merchant under different context.


  • Simple, minimalist interface
  • Efficient filtering
  • Good taxonomy
  • Extended keyword filtering


Here's an example of email copy that can be used to ask a customer to provide feedback through a survey.

Let's Talk
Hi Ashley,
As you know we are committed to transparency in everything we do. It's why we always share our costs and information about our factories. It's also why we sent you our first ever customer survey.
We want to know more so that we can keep working to make Everlane better and our products and services truly reflect your wants and needs.
This survey will only take about 10 minutes. Your participation will mean a lot to us.
Follow the link here.
All the best,
Everlane Marketing



  • Easy to use.
  • Provides lots of examples for different scenarios.
  • Text can be copied using basic copy-paste actions.
  • Focuses on the copy, not the design.
  • Highlights only the title and the copy.
  • Users can submit examples by emailing the administrators.


  • The bright color scheme can be annoying.
  • Limited corpus.
  • No analysis or copywriting guide.
  • No community rating.
  • Most examples are for SaaS, and probably difficult to adapt for other markets.
  • Mobile experience is limited.

Rating: 3/5

Getting the right copy out to the customers under different circumstances can prove quite challenging, especially for companies that don't have an experienced copywriter on staff. GoodEmailCopy can help at the starting line, but it won't get you very far. Users still need to adapt the copy -- sometimes quite extensively -- before coming up with content that is relevant to their the business and technical conditions at hand. The concept is good, but there's definitely a lot of room for improvement.




July 22, 2018


July 22, 2018


GoodEmailCopy.com is provided as a free service by Front, a collaborative workspace application.





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