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The Mailman Blues 09/08/2018

September 8, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

E-mail my heart
And say our love will never die (and I)
I know you're out there
And I know that you still care (I know you care)
E-mail me back and say our love will stay alive
Forever e-mail my heart, woah

-- Britney Spears

You gotta love email marketing. But more importantly, you gotta make people love your emails. Otherwise it's just a one-side affair. You'll get there. In the mean time, read these tips, collected from our readers' favorites of the week.

How to Use Email to Get Backlinks Without Being Spammy


Nothing is worse than being spammy.

If, after a lot of thought, you realize you need to create the right content for your plan, that’s okay! Make sure you crank out something you yourself would link to, or keep creating more content until it’s truly remarkable.

Is Your Email Signature an Overlooked Ad Channel?


Signature are overlooked. Good signatures are not.

For many marketers, email is the channel that delivers the highest ROI. But what if it could perform even better?

The Ugly Truth about Buying Email Lists


The (ugly) truth is: you can't take shortcuts without getting caught.

Our Best Practices team doesn’t only catch bad actors using purchased lists — even well-intentioned businesses can fall into the trap of buying email lists. After all, a purchased list sounds like a great idea in theory: You can start marketing your product or service right away to a list of subscribers, instead of having to grow your list from scratch.

Mixmax Rules is like IFTTT for email


If this, then that. If not, then what?

Mixmax Rules is aimed at those working primarily in customer-facing roles, and the goal, ultimately, is to save these people time by automating repetitive and predictable tasks.

How Brands Can Use AI to Boost Their Email Marketing Strategy


AI is sticking it's threatening head in your strategy. What are you going to do about it?

For many marketers, email is the channel that delivers the highest ROI. But what if it could perform even better?


The Mailman

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