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The Mailman Blues 08/18/2018

August 18, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

You signed your name on my heart
And it's sincerely yours
You signed your name on my heart
You left a permanent mark on my heart

-- Keyshia Cole

The Mailman is back from vacations. You got mail: here are the 5 most read items by our followers.

60 Useful Tools for Social Media


Do you really need 60 tools to manage social media? Probably not. Take a look.

You don’t know if the important email to your partner got in spam? Do you sometimes find yourself stumbling on someone’s landing page or image on social media wondering how in the world they created it?

6 Things a Quality Email Marketing Campaign Can Do for You


Write. Send. Repeat.

To be successful, an email marketing campaign has to reflect the same personality and tone of voice used for other points of contact with the customer. Whatever tone of voice you choose – be it professional and serious or friendly and informal – your brand personality must always evoke trust.

Mail Dump


You shall not steal thy neighbor's email.

Automated Emails Extraction Tool which will extract emails from web pages and save them into user's cloud storage

How to Represent Your Brand with Your Email Signature


Sign it before sealing it. It delivers.

Finally, consider the information hierarchy. Use of font weight, scale and color will naturally draw the eye to certain elements first, so approach this in a logical way that brings harmony to the overall design. What do you want recipients to read first?

The 5 Best WordPress Email Plugins (Forget the rest!)


C'mon guys and gals: it's WordPress. You know there's a plugin for that.

Sounds like a lot, right? Well, fortunately it is actually pretty easy to accomplish all of this on WordPress if you’re savvy enough to use the right plugins. Not all of them are that great or worth the time and money they require.

The Mailman

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