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The Mailman Blues 07/28/2018

The most popular news bits for the week

July 28, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

I hope you're enjoying some time off while it's Summer.  Here are the 5 most popular items of the week, according to our followers.

The 4 ways to Archive your Outlook E-mail


Belated spring cleaning your Outlook inbox.

Few companies have adopted this yet, but it’s a way to remove mail from your main Exchange Server account, thus making more room there—so it is true archiving. It stores the old mail on slower and less expensive disk drives on the Exchange Server (so there are storage limits).

5 Tips to Grow Your E-Commerce Business with Email


We can't stress this enough: email has the highest ROI of all outreach investments. Here's how it can impact your e-commerce business (if you have one.)

You typically want to set aside 10% of your audience as a no-email control group and then split everyone else 50/50 between your standard message and the one you want to test, such as no emojis vs. emojis. Ideally, you should A/B test the inside of the email too, but don’t introduce too many variables in one test or you’ll end up with noisy results.

Gimmio's Email Signature Generator


Nail that signature!

Access to an ever expanding list of amazing email signature templates! You will also get access to layouts that other people have created and shared publicly.

How to Use Dynamic Content to Increase Email Engagement


Tip: make it personal.

Adjusting your messaging based on demographics will change based on what data you have for your list, as well as how your product or offering relates to different types of people.

Google DRM for Email can be disabled by ticking a few boxes in Firefox


Who knew it would be that easy?

It's unequivocally true that privacy would be well-served if you could tell secrets to people you didn't trust and then stop them from passing them on. But you can't. It's a stupid idea.

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