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The Mailman Blues 06/23/2018

Popular items for the week

June 23, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

Let's review what turned out to be the most popular mail-related articles, products, and announcements of the week -- from June 16 through 23, 2018.

Launch effective marketing campaigns on MailChimp

Launch effective marketing campaigns on MailChimp

No monkey-ing around: An announcement for a class that will teach you how to launch MailChimp. Cheap at $9.99.

This course will take the guesswork out of what's effective and what's not in the world of marketing, and you'll be able to effortlessly launch marketing campaigns that reach lots of eyeballs and boost your business.

A/B Testing Fundamentals: How to Get Started

BLOG - EMAIL MARKETING A/B Testing Fundamentals


New to A/B testing? Here's an overview for email marketers and anyone interested in upgrading their skills and their marketing ROI.

This article will help you learn what can be A/B tested in an email, what metrics you should measure to determine a winner, and how you can combine basic personalization with your findings from A/B testing.

The guy who coined the term “conversational commerce” was wrong about conversational commerce

conversational commerce

There's nothing like admitting you were wrong. You're the man!

Where I went wrong was in failing to define how to conduct ethically automated conversations that drive commercial outcomes effectively.

How to Get Started with Data-Driven Email Marketing

Data-Driven Email Marketing

Data rules the (online) world. Get up to speed with this case study. There's always something to learn from other people's experience.

While we were trying to set our email marketing strategy, we knew we needed a data-driven approach to our email campaigns in order to crack success in the first go. Here’s how we did it and what we learned along the way, so you can do the same.

Drip Marketing Automation Review (2018)

Drip Marketing Automation

A review of one of the best email marketing automation on the market. That's also the one we prefer at MailMinds. Let someone else do the analysis.

Another thing Drip is different from a lot of other email marketing platforms is that there are no lists. It acts as a CRM, where every unique email is treated as a unique contact. And everything is powered from a tagging system. Meaning, you can segment your subscribers like there’s no tomorrow!





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