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The Mailman Blues 11/17/2018

November 18, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

Step on a crack break your mother's heart
Red light green light black
Suicide e-mail do not delete
Plug it back in the jack
Start to be what they want you to be
And you see yourself as they see you

-- The Medication Is Wearing Off, by Eels

Starting off is easy, or so they say. What if I told you it's not? Here's some tips collected from our readers' choice for the week.

5 Important Things Before Starting Email Marketing For Your Business


You may well be overthink your next email marketing business.

Don’t overdo with your email design. Keep it simple and with a bold call-to-action button.

8 Tips To Build An Engaging Email List In 2018


1, 2, 3... GO! Tips you should follow.

What is dead is hundreds of the methods that people used to use with email, like black hat techniques to rank on google. These methods are dead. There are a few methods that worked very well in 2017 and will continue to work in 2018.

It Takes More Than an ESP to Improve Email Deliverability


Don't blame it all on your (cheap) ESP: there's a reason it's so cheap.

The takeaway is that your ESP choice alone does not improve email deliverability. No ESP can guarantee you’ll achieve higher deliverability rates because it is a result of many pieces, not just your ESP choice.

Fix Your Follow-Up Email Sequence or Be Ignored


What to do ... next? Here's how to reply in sequence.

Every. Word. Counts. Be deliberate with word choice. Be careful with every word you write in follow-up messages.

This nifty free tool limits incoming email to 3 times per day


When you can't handle it anymore...

This does make you wonder how effective the extension is for the real email addicts — some self-discipline is required to stick to the set times. Still, to those who get some peace of mind by looking at a (seemingly) empty inbox, Adiós might be worth a try.


The Mailman

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