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How About A Bit of SMS In The Mix? -- and other news.

The Mailman Blues 09/15/2018

September 16, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

Left New York this morning early
Traveling south so wide and high
Sailing through the wide blue yonder
It's that Air Mail Special on the fly

-- Ella Fitzgerald, The Ray Charles Singers

The flood is coming, and we have nowhere to go. Float on! If nothing else, read these tips, collected from our readers' pop chart for the week.

Design Components for Emails


Reusability is key when it comes to email components. That's where it gets tricky.

When it comes to email design, why should it be more difficult? Having made over 80 newsletters over the last year or 2, I’ve found it extremely time consuming wrestling with HTML email templates. There are lots of these freely available, but they’re not very reusable.

Can Your Online Business Benefit from SMS Marketing?


I'll text you the link.

SMS marketing can be highly effective because it’s hard to ignore. When we get a text message, most of us will stop to read it, unlike email. In many ways, SMS marketing can be a lot more personal than phone calls or email.

10 Tools for Email Marketers You Need to Try


It turns out you don't know half the tools you need to know about. Here's more of them:

On the other side, some lesser-known tools are less reputable. To check their reputation, I suggest you do the following before buying:

How to Create Hype using Product Launch Emails


Product launch emails will make or break your launch. Believe me: Hype will pay for your lunch.

“Curiosity got the cat” or in the marketing world the adage is “Curiosity gets the customer”. Human tendency dictates people to worry about the two birds in the bush than the bird in hand. By leveraging this emotion, brands create suspense to boost sales especially during product launch. Thanks to the reach of an email, curiosity can be better created through product launch emails. By sending cryptic messages or sneak peeks in their emails, email marketers tend to create the hype in their product launch emails.

6 Ideas for Where to Start in Email Marketing


Starting is everything. Because if you don't start, you won't go anywhere.

Let’s be honest: some emails look terrible. The text leaves no breathing room and doesn’t seem to ever end. The colors are hard to look at and you can scan the entire email twice without even knowing what it’s about. You can wait to go back to your inbox.


The Mailman

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