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The Mailman Blues 09/22/2018

September 22, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

Sent me an email with all the details
She said she want me back and she don't care
What she gotta do for me

She couldn't say it in person, she put it all in words
And I don't know what to say
Dot, dot, dot
(Da, da, da, da)

-- J-Shin: Send Me An Email

Summer's gone, and so is the humming sound of central AC. One less distraction. Read these tips, collected from our readers' pop chart for the week.

Why Email Marketing is Still Important


Why bother with email marketing? Because...

Social media and blogging can be used for a variety of purposes like building a community or showcasing your business’s personality. For the most part, however, emails are directly designed and distributed for one reason: action. At the core of just about every email is a push for the reader to take an action.

The magic of social proof


There's magic in everything, apparently.

The way reviews work with digital products is a bit different: since you’re aiming to create customer confidence through transparency, you want to facilitate authentic reviews that come from real customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is by implementing a review and rating system on your website.

 How to Write Cold Emails That Quickly Convert Sales


The art of hot email copywriting is ... not an art at all. Cold is the new hot.

Test the subject line that's opened the most, as well as the email copy with the most engagement, the email with the best homepage click-through rate and the best day and time to send emails. By tweaking your cold emails, you can boost their effectiveness, ensuring you save time and energy and see better ROI. Cold emails aren't a waste -- they just need to be thoughtful and tailored to hit their mark.

Gmail Ads: 7 Tips to Improve Results


Be careful with that Gmail ad, Eugene: it's a double edge sword.

The people seeing your ads pop up in Gmail are more than likely circling the top of the sales funnel. Remember, these people aren’t seeking your services out and probably have relatively low purchase intent. Unless you’re using remarketing (which you should also do), most of these users may not have much familiarity with your brand. So focusing on objectives like brand awareness will be your best bet.

5 High Performing Email Marketing Strategies for Financial Services


Writing emails that pay off for your customers is one way to win this game.

Think about the last time you signed up for a service and received a really great email that welcomed you into the fold. Perhaps, you’re not able to imagine such an email. On the other hand, maybe you were able to name one right away because it was that memorable. Unfortunately, a lot of companies drop the ball when it comes to onboarding new subscribers and customers.


The Mailman

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