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Don't blow it -- and other news.

The Mailman Blues 10/20/2018

October 28, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

Mail Order Annie
Never mind your cryin'.
Your tears are sweet rain
In my empty life.

-- Mail Order Annie, by Harry Chapin

This week, your number one priority should be to make sure that your emails don't bomb. Tips collected from our readers' choice for the week.



An interesting service that make designing re-usable email patterns easy. Worth a try.

Create professional and responsive email templates quickly without any HTML skills.

Copywriting Basics: How to Write Better Website, Email & Social Media Copy [Infographic]


Don't underestimate the power of your words.

Do you struggle writing copy for your website, email and social media posts? Want to learn how to write marketing copy that works best on each different platform?

The Importance of Having a Professional Email Signature


Yes, your signature is the last thing your recipients will see, assuming they make it to the end.

It is quite astonishing how much value can be packed in a small thing: it holds the power to create a positive, professional image and reinforce your branding and marketing efforts. So, do not let it be an afterthought.

Google introduces Gmail integrations for Dropbox, Box and more


Just like the Universe, Gmail is expanding.

More and more business are using Google's enterprise platform for their employees. Integrating features from popular third-party apps is only going to make it a more attractive alternative to the other choices out there.

The top 10 email marketing mistakes to avoid right now


Mistakes? What mistakes? What are you talking about?

Think of these blunders like the “evil twin” of email marketing best practices. Each of these mistakes is a counterpoint to actions you should take, and things you should do to make your marketing as great as it can be.


The Mailman

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  1. Making good emails is a challenging thing. Great that you are able to share helpful content with us that would be very beneficial in our growth. More power to your blog!

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