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The Mailman Blues 12/01/2018

December 3, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

No letter in the mail today
No answer from my love
Nobody knows what I've been through
No one but God above

-- No Letter In The Mail, by Bill Monroe

Revive your email content for the Holidays. Make it a priority to deliver better value to your customers, and to avoid churning out the same old stuff. Here's some tips collected from our readers' choice for the week.

 4 Tips to Boost Email Subscribers in 2019


New boss in 2019. Same as the old boss from 2018.

Don’t take social media for granted. These platforms are some of the most visited sites in the world. They can get you, subscribers, if done correctly.

14 Stats Showing Why You Must Send Welcome Emails to Subscribers [Infographic]


Don't be shy: show your appreciation.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn: Open rate compared to standard email, Click rate compared to standard email, Revenue generated compared to standard email, Conversion rate compared to standard email

3 Things Your Email Marketing Strategy Could Be Missing


And don't tell you don't have a strategy to start with.

Well-maintained email lists can be a huge asset for small business owners. When you think about it, each email subscriber is worth a certain amount of revenue for your business.

Is print more powerful than email marketing for a business?


Where's the printer again?

Keep your copy sharp and concise; give your potential customers a greater insight of what you want them to know. Be persuasive, be intriguing and don’t forget to accompany this with bold and beautiful lettering.

Which Mistakes Should Be Avoided For Successful Email Marketing


I'm guessing the author is suggesting that there are mistakes that should NOT be avoided.

Just like you do with other content, tell stories, use humor, give inspirational messages, etc. Generate quizzes and surveys – people love them.


The Mailman

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