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Automating Drip campaigns, and other news.

The Mailman Blues 08/25/2018

August 26, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

And little by little, light after light, that's how it died.
They say you never go home again, that's no lie.
Its like a letter in the mail to a brother in jail,
it's a matter of time until you can do a little bit better time.

-- James Taylor

Sing along: autumn is settling in. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and comb through the 5 most 'liked' items of the week by our followers.

3 Best Uses of Direct Mail — Households, Personalization and Cold Sends


Real mail for real people.

California started it and other states are considering having marketers follow strict rules, akin to the E.U.’s GDPR, on use of consumers’ personal data. For now, the best uses of direct mail are as a way to seek prospects’ permission to market to them using their personal data

7 Data-Driven Email Marketing Best Practices for Startups


Self-driving email marketing campaigns are just around the corner.

Reengagement campaigns allow subscribers to update their current email preferences to receive more relevant and timely emails. While these campaigns weren’t ranked highly in terms of use (only 34 percent of marketers use them), 89 percent of respondents believed they were at least somewhat effective.

How To Rock Your Next Email Campaign


A blueprint for your next email campaign.

In today’s competitive market, anyone can design email content. By following the suggestions on this infographic, you’ll make your next email campaign stand out from the crowd.

How Email Advertising Lowers Your Marketing Costs


Spend more, save more: the oldest trick in the bag is back.

So a user will see what looks like a regular email – save for the small ‘Ad’ box in the subject line. When clicked on, they’ll see an expanded version of your ad, which the advertiser can customize in Google AdWords. These can include photos, videos, phone numbers, and links.

14 Ideas To Increase Your Email List


You can never have too many subscribers.

Offering exclusive content only via email, is a way of giving your emails unique value and ensuring greater visibility on your contact list. This practice is known as email blogging and consists of sending publications, articles or advice via email only.

The Mailman

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