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The Mailman Blues 09/29/2018

September 30, 2018
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Opening the Mailman's bag

I'm so insecure but one thing would make me sure if you'd send me an e-mail that says "I love you"
Send me an e-mail that says "I love you"
-- Pet Shop Boys: Email

One simple advice this week: Manage! Tips collected from our readers' choice for the week.

How To Get Started With Email Marketing Automation


If you have not yet, here's where you should start:

When a visitor to your site becomes a new customer or contact, give them a proper welcome with an automated email series. These emails are designed to welcome the new member, provide any training needed, set expectations and keep customers engaged after they buy or convert.

How to Leverage Social Media in Your Email Marketing Strategy


Make that big marketing puzzle work for you!

Integrating social media and email marketing is only one part of the puzzle. There are many moving parts to a digital marketing strategy and having an expert by your side will ensure it operates effectively.

State Department email breach leaks employees' personal data


You're not working for the State Department, are you? If so: We all know who you are!

TechCrunch reports that two-factor authentication is only in place on around 11 percent of required devices at the State Department, citing a study from earlier this year. The wheels of bureaucracy move slow, sure, but that doesn't mean we should simply accept our government's willingness to wallow in ineptitude and let hackers make away with sensitive data.

10 Tips for Improving Your Email Management


Clean up time! Make a list.

Purge the subscriptions list – One of the best ways to deal with the clutter in your inbox is to get rid of the unnecessary emails you have been getting for years. Taking your email address from subscriptions lists will free up your storage space and save you time because you won’t have to delete a bunch of emails every day without even opening them. If you’re not reading that newsletter, then you should do your yourself a favour and unsubscribe.

Double Check Your Email List: Why It's Important to Keep Content Fresh


Fresh fruits, vegetables and content.

There are many changes that could be made as part of a ‘freshen up’; taking a new approach, tailoring your tone to adapt to reader evolution, or sending emails at different times of the day to see when your audience is most likely to want to read about your brand. However, there is one change that is perhaps the easiest of all: simply double-checking your contact list to ensure that all addresses are up-to-date.


The Mailman

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