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Tic Toc: Timing your emails to avoid fatigue

May 14, 2018
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The sum of emails you are sending to your list of recipients is a key contributor to what is called: e-mail fatigue. If you send too many -- or even too few -- emails your subscribers, chances are they will start to ignore you.

Your subscribers may even forget why they signed up to your messages in the first place. All this can happen over time without those recipients even opening your emails. In the worse-case scenario, they will unsubscribe to your list. In fact, the quality of your messages matters very little in this process: if you do send too many emails, you will inevitably notice that your open, click, and response rates are declining.

How do you fight back? How do you cut down the effects of email marketing fatigue? You can't stop using emails and instead reach out to each subscriber by phone every time you wish to deliver new content. In that case, the most practical solution is to invest in granting more consideration to the timing of your emails.

When to send email promotions and other general messages to your entire subscribers' list depends on the strategy choices you make. You have a choice of most appropriate times to select from. Here's some examples:

  • Before or during a promotion -- depending on your strategy and goals
  • When their memberships is up for renewal -- if you run such a program
  • In the week leading up to an important event, conference, or campaign
  • When your business, or one of its suppliers is recognized with an award
  • Around the subscriber's birthday, or any holiday during which you got a response

The good news is: email campaigns sent to members in the contexts listed above won’t sound strange and won't cause a negative reaction! By definition, your subscribers are expecting to see emails from you. They'll be receptive to engaging with your organization if you get your timing right.

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