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Scheduling Emails the Right Way

April 18, 2019
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Do you know how to calculate what is the best day and when is the best time to send your next batch of bulk, non-transactional emails? It wouldn’t hurt the business if you were to maximize your email open rate, would it? A great guest post published a few days ago might help and guide you through the discovery steps necessary to identify the optimal timing of your next email campaigns.

The clickbait-ish title of the article — The Best Times for Sending Email Revealed — is misleading, as are most blog titles dictated by desperate CMOs. Obviously, the article cannot figure out the best timing for your upcoming marketing campaigns. It does lay out the steps you’ll want to take to identify the timeframes where your messages are most likely to get read.

The research states you will need to take into account four factors before deciding on when to send your email: the geographical constraints of your audience, the culture around their work practices, their behavior with opening electronic messages, and the specifics of your offer or content.

The article is no slouch on the details and discusses most aspects that need to be taken in consideration when scheduling promotional emails. If you are doing a lot of email marketing, you could turn this information into a decision grid and formalize the process of deciding on such timing issues.

There isn’t a great difference between the followers of your brand on social networks and the email audience. So why not to analyze the activity time of the first one to implement it for the start of the mass mailing campaigns for the second.

However, the blog itself comes up short on ways to devise a balanced strategy. The real world is . You should add variations of your own to the equation, considering that on their face, open rate reports can be misleading too.

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