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7 Tips for Winning the Seasonal Marketing Game

January 13, 2020
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Seasonal marketing campaigns are the subject of debate. If the campaign is not implemented correctly, the business can be seen as outdated and spammy. On the other end, a well-planned, innovative seasonal marketing strategy puts your company’s service or product in front of your target audience and creates an emotional connection between you and the customer. That is why every business should take advantage of seasonal marketing.

Successful marketing campaigns are all about establishing an emotional relationship with your customers. They  provide a great opportunity to express strong feelings towards your customers. You can imagine customers rekindling special holiday memories or creating new ones with their loved ones. Campaigns that connect with customers receive three times more verbal and social media referrals from their customers compared to those who don’t.

Here’s a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Listen to customers and make your brand more “likable”. Consumer loyalty is invaluable to any business, and studies show that consumers are more likely to buy a product when they have a brand they like. Being a favorite brand gives you great ROI, encourages customers to become advocates for your product or service, and supports your other marketing efforts, such as email campaigns and social media marketing.
  • Adding a charitable piece to your seasonal campaign is a great way to show and communicate with your brand.
  • Avoid fighting all season sounds by starting your campaign a little early. For example, if you are running a summer campaign, start running your promotions in the spring. This puts you ahead of the audience, and also in the consumer’s mind when they are ready to buy your product or service.
  • If your target customer’s needs are likely to change with the new season, customize them to show what your services need most. You might offer a-la-carte service. For example, lawn care companies can slow down business by the end of the summer, but they can stay busy year-round by offering leaf-raking in the fall or by hanging Christmas lights in the winter.
  • Changing your logo and website to celebrate a new season or holiday is a great way to promote seasonal events and products. Google uses this technology by changing their logo and celebrating the holidays from the lives of famous people to celebrate popular anniversaries. Encourage the season by adding fall colors, doodle themes, snowflakes or other design elements that point to that season or holiday.
  • Market research is an essential part of any successful campaign. Explore your competitors’ seasonal campaigns, what worked for them and what didn’t, so you can combine the information when creating your own campaigns. Compare their strategy with your personal differences and messages to help you stand out in your seasonal campaigns.
  • Find creative ways to keep your customers or your product or service in mind. Send a special holiday email or post a nice seasonal video on your social media. We have shared delightful video far and wide on social media and is a great example of getting attention by combining familiar holiday traditions with useful products. Using a holiday or season to make a recurring impression on your target market will keep you from falling off their radar.

Creating a successful seasonal marketing strategy requires good planning, strategic time and a lot of creativity. For any business, big or small, a long-term marketing campaign will increase brand awareness and generate added revenue. If you haven’t tried seasonal marketing before and are unsuccessful, include the tips above to help you get the best return on your investment.

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