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Mitigating the side-effects personalization

May 25, 2019
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If you are building a mailing list, do you ever wonder why anyone should entrust you with their email address? Why should people trust you with their personal information? After all, every day a new data breach is discovered, a new data bank is blown up by malicious hackers, and millions of email addresses are thrown back to the wild. How many people do you know are inclined to sign a pact with the devil at every turn of the road?

People instinctively distrust businesses and organizations when it comes to handing over the key to their privacy -- or whatever is left of it. They have good reasons to distrust companies. With every new data breach, the little pud of trust that they still hold dries up, and it is never replenished. In a world of seemingly overwhelming legislation, how can you work with that distrust and still manage to make your marketing programs work?

In Beyond Personalization: Programmatic Integrity is the Key to Customer Trust, Andrew Kordek goes over what he calls Programmatic Integrity, which is a marketing strategy (and philosophy) built around minimizing the side effects of ... To be honest, I had never heard about the term until I read the article. The author summarizes programmatic integrity as follow:

Programmatic integrity is how [our brand] will continue to adhere to sound, unimpaired, and ethical principles when trying to be more ‘relevant’ in our communications to our subscribers.”  

In short, it's a strategic process that applies specific tactics to ensure that a brand's content remain relevant to the people it reaches, and at the same time continually builds trust.

Look at your [marketing] program from all angles. We should have been doing this all along to build programmatic integrity, but, given current market conditions, it’s no longer an exercise to do someday at a corporate retreat.

As the author points out, it is something you need to implement in your organization. "Machine learning, AI, and personalization" Machine learning, AI, and personalization won’t help you do that."



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