Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)
September 7, 2018
An Email Marketing Glossary Entry

What is a Blind Carbon Copy?

BCC, an acronym for Blind Carbon Copy, is a field in the header of the email that allows the sender to dispatch copies of the email and include one or more recipient addresses that remain invisible to the others. BCC addresses are also excluded from the Reply All mechanism.


  • ABC sends an email TO:, CC: and BCC:
  • All 3 recipients can see that x and y are on the receiving list. None can see that z was also a recipient.
  • If x replies to everyone (reply all) to the message, only ABC and y and will get the response. z will not be included in the thread.

How and When to Use BCC

Add one of more email addresses to the BCC field, separated by a comma. Here's how and where to add BCC addresses in the Thunderbird client:


Use the BCC field in cases where:

  • You want the BCC recipient to be aware of the content of a message but don't want him/her to be included in the follow-up discussion thread
  • You don't want the recipients to be aware of the address(es) that have also received a copy of the message via BCC.

See also:

  • Carbon Copy (CC)
  • Reply-To
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