August 25, 2018
An Email Marketing Glossary Entry

What is email autoresponder?

In email marketing, an autoresponder is a programmatic process that triggers one or more emails in response to an action.

The simplest example of an autoresponder is a script that sends back an automatic response as soon a user completes a form -- such as an order, a subscription request or a registration.


A website visitor fills a form using her name and email to subscribe to your newsletter.

The form submission triggers a new subscribers in your mailing list manager.

The list manager validates and registers the new subscriber, then automatically sends an autoresponder message to the user confirming the subscription.

How autoresponders work

Most modern Email Service Providers use automation services which include the ability to manage autoresponders. The logic of such automated process takes in consideration the action itself -- i.e., the clicked button, usually a CTA -- as well as the current status of the user and the details of the submission.

Complex chains of autoresponders are sometimes referred to "drip campaigns." Those trigger different emails over time based on the choices or actions of the subscribers.

The Mailman

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