ALT tag property
August 21, 2018
An Email Marketing Glossary Entry

What is an ALT tag property?

In HTML, ALT (short for "alternative") is the label of an element property that defines the text that will be shown in a document when the referenced media cannot be displayed or found.


<img src="cat.png" alt="my cat" />
In the example above, if the file "cat.png" cannot be found or otherwise displayed, the text: "my image" will be shown instead.

When to use an ALT tag properties?

You should always use ALT tags to describe the media used in your email messages. That information is required by screen readers to interpret the content and provide context. Keep in mind that many email clients disable images by default. When images are disabled, the text defined in the ALT property is displayed instead.

How to use ALT tag properties?

To use the ALT tag property, you need to edit the HTML tag directly in the source, or else use the interface provided by your rich text editor. Here's an example of how to edit the ALT tag property in the WordPress Media editor:

screenshot mailminds com

The property itself should describe succinctly what the media represents in the context. For example, the ALT property of your company logo should be "[my company name] logo."

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