Acceptance Rate
August 23, 2018
An Email Marketing Glossary Entry

What is Email Acceptance Rate?

The email acceptance rate is a measure of the number of messages accepted by the recipients' mail servers for a given campaign, expressed in percentage.


  1. 1000 emails sent
  2. 980 accepted
  3. 895 delivered

The acceptance rate in this example is 98%: accepted/sent x 100

As you see, the number of messages delivered to intended inboxes is not relevant to the acceptance rate.

Why is email acceptance rate significant?

Keeping track of your list's acceptance rate allows you to identify flaws in your delivery infrastructure. Your acceptance rate should be very close to 100%.

When messages are rejected by the recipient's server, it means that one of the following condition needs to be resolved:

  • Suspected mass mailer: the server on the receiving end "thinks" that the incoming emails are part of a mass-mailing scheme.
  • Receiving server configuration: the recipient's server is configured not to accept incoming messages from senders outside a predefined network.
  •  The sender is blacklisted: the ESP server's IP address is on a third party list of suspicious origins.
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